International Journal of Computer Science and Emerging Technologies (IJCET) aims to provide
a platform for the publication of peer-reviewed papers to promote quick exchange of knowledge
and ideas between computer scientists, academicians and research scholars. The journal
publishes review articles and research papers in an extensive range of topics, i.e., Algorithms,
Tools & Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Systems, Control Systems, Bio-
informatics, Communication Systems, Computer Networks, Computer Security, Computer
Vision, Graphics, Cryptography, Databases and Business Intelligence, Electromagnetic and
Optoelectronics, Evolutionary Computing and Swarm Intelligence, Geo-Informatics, Health
informatics and Tele-Medicine, Local Language Computing, Microelectronics and MEMS,
Microwave Devices and Circuits, Modeling & Simulation, Power and Renewable Energy
Sources, Semantic Web Technologies, Software Engineering and HCI, Speech, Image and Video
Processing, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless and Sensor Networks. The journal encourages
research papers from new emerging technologies from national and International authors.

Aim of IJCET

The aim of IJCET is to serve the research community as a platform to gather, organize and
disseminate the latest and innovative knowledge among them. The journal aims to encourage
academicians, researchers, scientists and investigators all around the Globe to provide a podium
to publish novel and intellectual ideas for disseminating productive knowledge to benefit society.


IJCET is published bi-annual, i.e., two issues per year, in the months of June and December, by
the Department of Computer Science, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan.