Internet Of Things (Iot) Applications An Overview

  • Abdur Razzaq
Keywords: nternet of Things (IoTs); IoT Applications


nternet of Things (IoT) makes the physical world smarter and transform into the digital world. It makes the devices smarter, processing more artificially intelligent, and transmission more informative by merging real world and digital world to minimize human intervention with the help of Machine- to-Machine (M2M) interaction. The IoT is applied in any field of life to make its vision for anyone, anywhere, anyway, and anytime. In IoT applications, smart sensors are used, information captured is sent to distributed cloud servers using communication links like Wi-Fi, after processing/ decision making the instructions/information is distributed to actuators/smart devices. In this paper, different emerging IoT applications are discussed to improve understanding of IoT use, facilitate researchers’ community about IoT services to serve the humanity.


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