Adoption of Healthcare Services on Mobile Platform

A Study of Sindh Province

  • Pirah Brohi
  • khalil-ur-Rehman khoumbati
  • Dil Nawaz Hakro
Keywords: Adoption, Technology Acceptance, M-Health, TOE


Broad use of mobile phones has increased accessibility and ability to perform a task more efficiently. In this manner adoption of m-health (mobile health) applications facilitate the medical professionals to enhance their work performance as well as to provide quality healthcare to the patients. In Pakistan people haven’t sufficient healthcare facilities. Especially in Sindh Province, the adoption of mobile based applications regarding health is quite low in the hospitals of Sindh. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the factors that would affect the adoption of m-health care applications. The focus of this research is to evaluate the factors regarding individual (user) acceptance and adoption of m-health care services in an organization. In this study TOE (Technology Organization Environment) is used for the understanding of the adoptions of m-healthcare at hospital level. This research obtained three dimensions of TOE, Technology, Organization, and Environment. The Aim of this study is to identify that how the acceptance of m-health applications by users (medical staff), would effect on the acceptance of m-health applications by the hospital management and the willingness of users towards the adoption of mobile health services in hospitals. The findings of this study would guide and promote the other researchers practionars in future to design and develop m-health care solution in the hospitals of Sindh province.


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