Ontology Based Requirements Gathering Elcitation Techniques

  • Sajid Ahmed Ghanghro
  • Muhammad Hanif Tunio
  • Vishamber Lal
  • Muhammad Raees Soomro
Keywords: Ontology; Semantic web; Requirement Engineering


Requirement Engineering is complex process and an important task of any software project. Requirements engineering has enormous influence on victory or letdown of a software project[1]. There are numerous requirement elicitation techniques to gather quality requirements, but these requirement elicitation techniques are context oriented. The reason is that the getting requirements from different stakeholders is complex task. So Ontologies are used to support the representation of complex knowledgebase of any domain. This paper is Ontologies based requirement elicitation techniques selection, prioritization to represent the requirement elicitation techniques effectiveness sequence.


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Ghanghro, S. A., Tunio, M. H., Lal, V., & Soomro, M. R. (2019). Ontology Based Requirements Gathering Elcitation Techniques. International Journal of Computer Science and Emerging Technologies , 2(1), 14-18. Retrieved from http://ijcet.salu.edu.pk/index.php/IJCET/article/view/15