Security Issues In Wireless Sensor Network

  • Sajid Hussain Danwer
  • Saima Shoro
  • Raheel Hameed Sial
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Security, Privacy, Issues in Sensor Networks, Wireless sensors


Wireless Sensor Network is a network of devices that can convey the information congregated from a tested field through wireless connections. The data is sent from numerous nodes and gateways, the data is associated with other networks. Wireless Sensor Network has various potential advantages. It is an emergent technology utilized as a part of numerous application which incorporates security issues in this manner security plays an important role in Wireless Sensor Network. Wireless Sensor Network undergo from numerous restrictions including little memory, low calculation ability, restricted vitality assets and unreliable remote channels. These restraints make security a challenge in Wireless Sensor Network. The undertaken study aims to present the various security issues in Wireless Sensor Network and also discusses the protocols used to deal with these security challenges. This study is helpful for scholars, researchers and academicians.


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