Game Based Learning using First Person Shooter

Battle of IICT

  • Faiza Mehboob Qaimkhani
  • Noorl-ain-Basir
  • Zeeshan Bhatti
Keywords: First Person Shooter; Battle; Game Development; FPS


Game development is vastly becoming a new medium of teaching and training students. Through game, this research work aims to develop an interactive tour of our institutional and its various features. “The Battle of IICT” is a 3D First Person Shooter game which enables and exposes the students towards the 3D Game Development using game-based learning theory. The story behind the game is that the terrorist have attack the IICT and the commando team have to rescue and clear the department from the terrorist. The methodology involved using Unity game engine with First Person Shooter technique to create an interesting and interactive gameplay for the user. The real first-person shooter asset was used to provide player and game controls. The locations were modelled and textured in Autodesk Maya and imported in unity with terrain mesh setup


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