Comprehensive Review of Various Image Enhancement Techniques

  • Muhammad Hanif Tunio
  • Riaz Ahmed Shaikh
  • ajid Ahmed Ghanghro
  • Yumna Magsi
Keywords: mage Enhancement, SD, FD, HE


Images have valuable importance in various organizations and institutions. They are considered as the source of information, but these images lose the information frequently due to various factors. Multiple image enhancement techniques are used to extract the information from the degraded images for social viewing. The existing image enhancement techniques are divided into three various groups: Frequency domain, spatial domain and Histogram Equalization tool. The image enhancer selects and combines to use one or more image enhancement technique(s) by analyzing the user interface which is quite time consuming. In this paper the various strengthens, weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages of each image enhancement technique are discussed


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Tunio, M. H., Shaikh, R. A., Ghanghro, ajid A., & Magsi, Y. (2019). Comprehensive Review of Various Image Enhancement Techniques. International Journal of Computer Science and Emerging Technologies , 2(2), 22-26. Retrieved from

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