Routing Control Protocols of Manet

A Comparative Study

  • Saima Shoro
  • Ghulam Ali Mallah
Keywords: MANET, Mobile- Ad- hoc networks, Routing protocols, Wireless networks


Mobile-Ad-hoc network, the Local Area Network is also named as Peer to Peer networks. Like P2P network’s configurations, Mobile-Ad-hoc networks inclines to organize a little bunch of resources which are very close to each other. On the hand the Mobile-ad-hoc networks provides connectivity mode among various devices without using the central communicating devices like as router. All the devices which are interconnected with each other in Ad-hoc network sends the data to the other devices. Therefore these networks involve limited configuration and can be designed easily. This paper presents the routing protocols of Mobile-ad-hoc networks comparison and also focuses on classification of various routing protocols. This research also reflects the energy consumed by the mobile-ad-hoc network routing protocols with reference to several energy models, performance of the routing protocols, its behavior, routing of extremely dynamic Ad hoc networks and there issues and challenges. The undertaken study will be beneficial for all the scholars, academicians and network administrators.


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Shoro, S., & Mallah, G. A. (2019). Routing Control Protocols of Manet. International Journal of Computer Science and Emerging Technologies , 2(2), 27-30. Retrieved from

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