Syntactic Case in Sindhi a Lexical Functional Grammar Analysis

  • Mutee U Rahman
  • Hameedullah Kazi
Keywords: case marking; Sindhi LFG; computational grammar; syntax


In computational grammar development identification of grammatical function of a noun or noun phrase is a challenge. Case systems in free word order languages are devices to mark these grammatical functions in a sentence. Sindhi is a partially free word order language where case marking plays key role in grammatical function identification. This research study analyzes and implements Sindhi case system in lexical functional grammar framework. Ten different cases of Sindhi nouns are identified, analyzed, and implemented. Implementation is evaluated against various noun phrase constructions in Sindhi sentences. Evaluation results show deep linguistic analysis with 100% parsing of various case phrases. Results show 2.80 overall average ambiguity which is expected while looking at standalone case phrases


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