A Review of Cryptocurrency Analysis, Regulation and Security Measures to Risks and Threats

  • Aisha Samejo
  • Muhammad Younis Bhatti
  • Abdullah Mailto
Keywords: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Network Security Protocols, POS, POW, Hashing Algorithm.


Cryptographic forms of money are advanced methods for payment and utilized by people or groups. Most digital forms of money aren't controlled by national governments. They're considered as elective money mediums of budgetary trade that exist outside the limits of state financial arrangement. The purpose of this review article is to analyze the cryptographic forms of money, its industry analysis, and its government regulation. This paper additionally focuses on the security issues and threats faced by clients making transactions, utilizing virtual monetary standards and the procedures to diminish those risk and threats. The gauge is given to the development of risk and threats to national security, contending laundering of criminal currency and violence financing, and those are shaped beneath the conditions of the increasing awareness in Cryptocurrency. This paper gives the consequences of an orderly audit of 21 coins with their market capitalization and supply. We review the current vulnerabilities in Cryptocurrency and its hidden significant innovations, for example, Blockchain and POW based protocol convention. These vulnerabilities prompt the execution of different security dangers to the ordinary use of Bitcoin. Besides, we show current security and anonymity contemplations in Cryptocurrency and examine the threats related to privacy for cryptocurrency users alongside the investigation of the current security measures. At last, we summarize the basic challenges and threats then provide solutions for future research towards provisioning stringent security and protection systems for digital money


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Samejo, A., Bhatti, M. Y., & Mailto, A. (2019). A Review of Cryptocurrency Analysis, Regulation and Security Measures to Risks and Threats. International Journal of Computer Science and Emerging Technologies , 2(2), 42-56. Retrieved from http://ijcet.salu.edu.pk/index.php/IJCET/article/view/31