Mobile Computing and its Security

  • Sajid Hussain Danwar
  • Saima Shoro
  • Raheel Hameed Sial
  • Muhammad Furqan
Keywords: Mobile Computing, Mobile Security, Mobile privacy, Data Security


Nowadays many people are enjoying the services offered through the mobile computing, it is becomes a new trend in this generation. As we all know with new devices their comes different problems same is the case with mobile computing, securing mobile computing is being difficult day by day and requires more attention from developers to secure it. From the last decade the quantity of computing machinery is increasing rapidly, integrated by increasing in their computing power has led to the increased computing devices. It allows users to communicate with different people’s from anywhere in the world and also connect us to get notification of important news, these device’s solved our so much of hard work like writing letters to the ones who are living far away from us. As we all know due to the increase of these devices there comes many problems to be dealt with the major one of them is its security and the security of data which is stored in these devices. In this paper the security issues are discussed in mobile computing and how to protect ourselves from these issues.


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