VR Educator: A Virtual Reality based Educational Application

  • Hallar Gohar and Zeeshan Bhatti
Keywords: Virtual Reality, e-learning, VR for Education


Virtual realty is quickly becoming a vastly used tools not only for entertainment but majorly for educational purpose. The main concept behind VR is to facilitate a fully immersive virtual environment that emulates a real world. The use of virtual realty (VR) presents a unique virtual experience, indulging the students in a virtual world to tach different topics visually as if they are experiencing them physically. This paper presents the use of VR to educate students of internal process and working mechanism of computer. VR Educator creates a new diversion in educational technology. It is basically a general idea which is based on e-learning through VR and it can be applied to almost every educational field i.e. Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Astronomy etc. In our system students learn the internal workings of a CPU, involves the user into the process which is initiated whenever a key is pressed on keyboard. The user experiences the VR game in which he/she performs the tasks of busses i.e. carrying data bits to different parts of a computer.


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