Significance of ICT System in Teaching Methodology A case study of Teaching Staff of Sindh

  • Muhammad Ilyas Malik and Muhammad Ikhlaque Malik
Keywords: Information and Communication, ICT resources


Twenty first century is era of Modern technology; and it is being utilized in all disciplines involving the Education. For imparting the technological knowledge many advanced countries of this globe have discovered the Modern technology in Education sector, Hence  now those countries are getting  the fruitful results and benefits  of  discovered technology. 

This research shows the importance of ICT tools that makes the effective Teaching and Learning process and will play vital role in increasing the literacy ratio of the Sindh province.

Mostly parents consider getting the admission in private colleges for their children as compare to government colleges. For this purpose survey has been conducted. The result shows that people give preference to the private colleges due to proper utilizing of ICT tools in teaching methodology that has made delivering education conveniently and study also shows that people do not give more preference to Government colleges due to not proper usage of ICT tools, and having the untrained staff or shortage of ICT resources, This study use descriptive statistics to analyze responses of participants and use the survey research design.

The survey was conducted of private and Government Colleges of Sindh .The 40 Lecturers included 20 of Government and 20 of private colleges from 10 colleges as sample population were scrutinized through questionnaire survey, 100 open ended and close ended questions were asked in this survey,  Hence survey results also explored the reasons for not preferring  Govt Colleges because  where there were availability of ICT resources on that untrained ICT teachers were found, and there were availability of well versed ICT staff  on that shortage of ICT teachers were found and where these both facilities were available in those Government colleges, Administration was  not taking interest to utilize ICT resources in teaching & learning process, so sindh government has need to make certain policies to implement modern ICT tools in government colleges. 


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