Comparative Study of Instruction Set Computer CISC And RISC

  • Saira Farooui
  • Jamil Chandio
  • Benish Zahra
  • Samreen Arain


People want fast process to get their result modified older technologies. Computer architectures, in common, have evolved in the instruction of increasingly greater number of complexity, such as greater instruction sets, large addressing modes, more computational power of the instructions, more particular registers and etc.  Mingle of CISC and RISC is called Complex reduce instruction set computer.  CISC and RISC of micro processor into CIRSC. CRISC is a new technology. This research intends find the difference between CISC and RISC and CRISC. To explore CISC, RISC and CRISC. What type of impact in the computer of using these three technologies? This paper provides the comparative study about CISC, RISC and CRISC technologies.


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Farooui, S., Chandio, J., Zahra, B., & Arain, S. (2020). Comparative Study of Instruction Set Computer CISC And RISC . International Journal of Computer Science and Emerging Technologies , 3(1). Retrieved from