Digital Games Based Learning Model for the History Based Course

  • Sumbul Ghulamani, Asadullah Shah, Kamran Khowaja
Keywords: teacher, classroom, motivation, engagement


Technological solutions have great impact in almost every field of life. Traditional or more specifically manual
methods are becoming obsolete everywhere. Similarly, these technology based interventions have brought drastic change in the field of education and learning. Besides just books, other multimedia based resources are also being referred by teachers and students for effective learning. Online games and tutorials are also one way to improve one’s capability and learning. Games can boost creativity and help educators remain active. Digital Game Based Learning (DGBL) is a concept where games can be used for learning purpose. This paper discusses existing classroom room approaches using games for learning specifically for History based courses. Also, it presents a model to incorporate Games in classroom teaching, so learning can be more fun. The idea behind the research is to make classroom learning of History based subjects with interaction and fun. This will help children to learn history based subjects with fun, which are non-creative in nature. It is expected that with the use of this model, different tools can be developed using which teachers can deliver their lectures more effectively and students will gain more interest in the subject.



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