Uses of ICT by Students: Nepal Case

  • Mithlesh Kumar Jha, Subarna Shakya, Mohan Maharjan, Jyotir Moy Chatterjee
Keywords: Virtual Reality, e-learning, VR for Education


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) help understudies to pick up information, help them with their everyday exercises and learning exercises. It's not possible for anyone to disregard the significance of ICT in their everyday life. ICT assumes extraordinary job in an amazing achievement. ICT in training areas alludes to the investigation and moral act of encouraging e-learning and other inventive innovative methodology in instructing and learning techniques which is the learning and improving execution by making, utilizing and overseeing fitting mechanical procedures and assets. The principle point of this paper is to find Nepalese secondary school understudies' frame of mind towards the utilization of ICT. The study was conducted on four factors Learning Behavior, Teaching Behavior, Computer use and Information and Communication Use. The study was led among 102 secondary school understudies. This examination utilizes numerous relapse information investigation and gives analyst elucidation on information. This examination contributes in further exchange on frame of mind of understudies towards selection of ICT in Nepal.


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