Be-Educated Multimedia Learning Through 3D Animation

  • Zeeshan Bhatti
  • Ahsan Abro
  • Abdul Rehman Gillal
  • Mostafa Karbasi
Keywords: Education, Animation, Multimedia, Learning, cognitive learning, 3D


Multimedia learning tools and techniques are placing its importance with large scale in education sector. With the help of multimedia learning, various complex phenomenon and theories can be explained and taught easily and conveniently. This project aims to teach and spread the importance of education and respecting the tools of education: pen, paper, pencil, rubber. To achieve this cognitive learning, a 3D animated movie has been developed using principles of multimedia learning with 3D cartoon characters resembling the actual educational objects, where the buildings have also been modelled to resemble real books and diaries. For modelling and animation of these characters, polygon mesh tools are used in 3D Studio Max. Additionally, the final composition of video and audio is performed in adobe premiere. This 3D animated video aims to highlight a message of importance for education and stationary. The Moral of movie is that do not waste your stationary material, use your Pen and Paper for the purpose they are made for. To be a good citizen you have to Be-Educated yourself and for that you need to give value to Pen. The final rendered and composited 3D animated video reflects this moral and portrays the intended message with very vibrant visuals.


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