Learning Objects Tagging For An E-Teacher

  • Samreen Jalbani
  • Jannat Rajper
Keywords: Biometric recognition techniques, Biometrics,Pattern recognition


Biometrics refers to innovations for measuring and investigating a person's physiological or behavioral qualities which are remarkable to people subsequently can be utilized to recognize a man. Biometrics is a developing technology which is utilized as a part of different fields like legal sciences, security system and secured territory. These are utilized as a part of different applications like mobiles, protectedentreein a building and ATM.Biometrics are intended to upgrade the safety and diminish defenselessness. The undertaken study aims to present the distinctive biometrics techniques i.e. Fingerprint recognition, Hand geometry recognition, Iris recognition,Face Recognition and Voice recognition which are accessible to implement a biometric system.This study will be helpful for the scholars, researchers and academicians


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