mart university: A Case Study of Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur

  • Sajid Hussain Danwar
  • Saima Shoro
  • Abdul Karim Arain
Keywords: Smart University, smart classrooms, smart system, Smart technology, Infrastructure.


In education technologies play a vital role to empower a student. Technological innovation and student demands are the better way of learning are dramatically changing the nature of education. The smart university is the best approach to give an interactive environment to the students for better learning and a place where knowledge is shared between students, teachers, employees and all stakeholders in their own way. The goal of undertaken study to present the aims and objectives of Smart University, Smart Class rooms and also addressed a way to covert simple learning environment in to Smart Education System. The primary focus of this study is to introduce a secure and smart infrastructure for “SHAH ABDUL Latif UNIVERSITY”. The introduced infrastructure has covered all aspect regarding secure education such as E-learning, management, administration, security and environmental protection. This study will be helpful for the scholars, researchers and academicians


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