Digital Image Processing Techniques for Fabric Fault Detection

  • Paras Mangi
  • Muhammas Haris Danwer
  • Abdul Aziz Shaikh
Keywords: Fabric Fault Detection, Digital Image Processing, Fault detection, Image Quality Enhancement.


Fabric investigation has a critical part in keeping the business from the hazard of giving substandard quality items. The greater part of material enterprises applying manual assessment for finding of defective texture parts, spots, and trend shading for enhanced quality. Quality is a critical factor in material ventures. Keeping in mind the end goal to lessen human vision work examination and spare wastage of time and reduction consumption cost Digital Image Processing methods are being utilized as a part of material industry to quickly raise generation on most elevated amount and get more advantages. Numerous researchers have utilized various DIP strategies to automatically recognize the fabric fault for development of texture quality and accomplished different outcomes from methods. The undertaken study aims to present the literature review from the research studies published in the period of (2000- 2016) on various Digital Image Processing Techniques for Fabric Fault Detection and also illustrates the overview of some essential techniques of fault detection. On the basis of results found from literature survey. This research will be useful for the researchers, scholars and academicians.


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