Review and Process Policy

IJCET is a full DOUBLE-BLIND PEER REVIEWED journal. Therefore, the policy is followed strictly covering the following phases:


  • Papers submitted to IJCET are first examined by the Editor for the initial Review to evaluate the scope of the journal. Any paper which does not meet the initial criteria is rejected immediately and the author(s) is/are notified.


  • Every paper after passing first criteria, is checked by Turnitin website as prescribed by Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan, to check the similarity index of the paper. The Similarity Index of the paper should be less than 19%.


  • The next step is to send paper for review using Double-Blind Review Policy, i.e., removing the details of Authors from the paper.


  • The paper is then sent for review to the associated reviewers of the related field. Each paper is reviewed by at least one National and one International reviewers.


  • The reviewers’ recommendations/decisions can be one of the options, i.e.,


“Accept Submission”,

“Revision Required”

“Resubmit for Review”

“Decline Submission”.


  • The final decision is made by the Editor, based on the reviewers’ reports.


  • Suggestions/ Recommendations of Reviewers received immediately communicated to the authors with request to send Revised Version of Paper if required.


  • In case of revisions required by the paper, the technical team of editors will re-review the paper to ensure the reviewers’ suggestions are incorporated by the author corresponding author.


  • In case, the paper requires the second review round, is again sent to the reviewer after incorporating the suggestions by the author to assure the requirements.


  • Finally, the author (s) are notified if their paper is accepted for publication in IJCET.


  • At the last step the paper will be forwarded to technical editors for copy-editing, layout editing and proof reading.